Portuguese language Left Libertarian inspired Democratic Socialist journal founded in 2015 online and with a yearly print edition since 2018 in illustrated magazine format, working on its podcast and YouTube channel. Also operates as an independent book publisher. | Twitter | Facebook | Issuu

- Tirem as Mãos da Venezuela

Portuguese chapter of the international Hands Off Venezuela campaign since 2015 | Twitter | Facebook

- Centre for a Stateless Society

As translator enhancing the Portuguese language section of the website since April 2020.


Portuguese edition as book and music (hardcore/punk) critic and reporter. Columnist focusing on Geopolitics and Portuguese domestic politics.


Portugal for Bernie Sanders

Portuguese blog that supported the Bernie Sanders campaign in 2020, trying to get the Portuguese community of the USA to vote for Bernie.

Korean Frienship Association | InfoCoreia

Delegate of the Korean Frienship Association from January 2013 to September 2017.

Colectivo Eco-Anarquista

Green Anarchist Collective, inactive since 2009.

Associação de Classe Interprofissional - ACINTERPRO

Interprofessional Class Association, Anarchist union part of the European Federation of Alternative Syndicalism in Education, linked to the Spanish CGT and Pier Francesco Zarcone, was disbanded by the Portuguese government in 2007.


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