Thursday 12 December 2019

Suggested Readings #1

Over the last few days a few of my translations got published over here, two of which I consider to be mandatory reading for any Progressives out there and so I’m directing you to the originals: The Lies About Assange Must Stop Now by John Pilger, journalist and awarded documentary director, that in this short piece depicts the bias – or even outright lies – with which Julian Assange has been pictured on mainstream media.

Now jumping to a more practical and philosophical issue, Andre Vltchek, investigation journalist and veteran war reporter, made the best of his short stay in Paris on the way to Bolivia, after being stationed on Lebanon and Hong Kong, to wonder “what emotions your work, your words and images, truly evoke. Or do they evoke any emotions at all?” A beautiful piece in Andre’s unique poetic writing, please take a look at Lies Which the West Manufactures and then Consumes. Two essential readings that helps understand the current reality about the news media, although a bit depressing given all its harsh realism.


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