Sunday 22 December 2019

Suggested readings #3

For as little time as I had, I was able to finish the translation of a great piece taken straight from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s collection of essays titled A Season in Hell for Libertária. This A Season in Hell collection is an homage to the French poet Arthur Rimbaud, it is directed be Ethan Earle (more famously known for his wort at The Nation magazine) and is available in French (on a partnership with the Canadian online magazine Ricochet), in German (on a partnership with Die Linke’s Neues Deutschland newspaper) and in English (on a partnership with Jacobin magazine). The Rosa Luxemburg foundation gave us permission to translate one of the pieces into Portuguese: Which way off the roundabout, Where the yellow vests are heading next by Ethan Earle.

I’m currently translating We need a full public service internet – state-owned infrastructure is just the start by Christian Fuchs, originally published in The Conversation. Christian is a member of the Labour Party, Professor and Director, Communication and Media Research Institute, at the University of Westminster. This will be one of the pressing issues on the future of Democracy, the Portuguese Socialist Party government tried to make some progress on it by trying to push for a Social Tariff up to 2023 to make sure everyone has affordable Internet access, Labour went further than this and proposed free public owned Internet, and I’m pretty sure many other Progressive parties will have their say on what we call Digital Democracy. A very compelling read.


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