Tuesday 12 July 2022

Summer is here again (yearly update)

A year has passed and as you can notice I did not relaunch the blog, a few days after the last post I was taken by surprise by the multinational where I work being forced out of the position where I had worked since 2017 and back into the office while the rest of my team was allowed to keep working from home, that was July 2022 for you.

A few other tragedies followed (a family member got murdered) as well as therapy, sick leaves, being isolated within the Socialist Party for being too radical, more therapy, for a time there just felt like everyone and everything around me (even my dogs) were either dying, committing suicide or getting sick, my tumour got worse turning every day into a torment but things had to improve after hitting rock bottom and realizing that keeping a regular job and staying in the city is just not going to cut it right now, not just on the long run but right now, so we are doing our best to have our tiny farm ready to start staying there 3 days a week from August on and move in definitely in July 2023.

Tumour out, publishing venture in

Back in April we launched a new book publishing project called Libertaria, I gave a lengthy interview to the mainstream Portuguese news outlet Lusa and I’ll translate it into English language soon.

Last week I finally got the tumour out, I have an appointment next week where hopefully they can already tell me if it was benign or malign, the surgeon is pretty sure it’s benign but there’s always a chance. He also corrected my septum bone splinter from an old street fighting injury from my bonehed days. Right now, I’m on a strict liquid diet up to Saturday, then soft foods and finally back to good old solid meals.

The tumour was already on both nostrils, upper jaw and pharynx, a lot of scrubbing and cutting took place here and chewing is forbidden for the time being. Let’s see how many times I’ll be updating the blog this year, see you later.


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