Saturday 14 December 2019

Let them have Brexit

Well then, it’s time to set my mindset not to react too impulsively against all the hatred that both Portuguese and European Left will distill even more harshly against Jeremy Corbyn. I’m pretty sure some of the Centrists (euphemism for Right of centre and Liberal wings within Social-Democrat and Democratic Socialist parties) probably even popped a few bottles of champagne last night, since for most burning Corbyn and vaccinate the Labour Party against the Left was far more important than to actually beat the Conservatives.

Dear comrades of the Party of European Socialists and affiliated think tanks, can we finally take for granted that the British people did want its Brexit and that the Labour Party should have accepted it instead of rowing against the current? These elections were single issued, for practical purposes these elections were more a second referendum on Brexit instead of a proper election. 

The script for the following months: blame Corbyn for being "too far left" and "uncharismatic" instead of accepting that being considered as a Remain party and promising a second referendum completely destroyed any chances of victory. Corbyn would be the perfect leader for a Lexit campaign or for a post-Brexit election, but he reluctantly accepted the anti-Brexit sham of the Cosmopolitan wing and caved to the international pressure of European Socialists and things turned nasty, really nasty.

What struck me the most about the British election, was the disgust many members and leaders of the Portuguese Socialist Party feel towards Jeremy Corbyn, apparently the Third Way is still viewed as viable in these here lands… I say, let them have Brexit, the United Kingdom was always a geopolitical blockade against the European project on behalf of the United States, as far as I'm concerned we should have kicked them out as soon as they refused to join the Eurozone


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