Saturday 14 December 2019

Suggested Readings #2

There's been quite a fuss around the British election this week, and I just thought it would be useful to suggest a few readings from a more activist viewpoint, my personal view being that, besides the onslaught that Jeremy Corbyn was subject to in mainstream media, the main issue was that Labour did not embrace Brexit, thus losing the election. We will be publishing Portuguese translations of these three peaces in


- Lessons of the election: Don’t mourn - organise! by Rob Sewell at Socialist Appeal.

My only hope is that like the Bernie Sanders campaign did back in 2016 within the Democrat Party, that the Jeremy Corbyn campaign and leadership over the last years will seed the Labour Party giving way for many young local, regional and national leaders and MPs to flourish and return the Party to its rightful place as one of the main inspirations behind European Socialism. People tend to forget, but over a century ago the first steps toward Democratic Socialism were taken by the British Labour Party and the German Social-Democrat Party, these parties used to be people's parties and workers parties for most of their lives, long before its leadership became havens for businessmen and upper class lawyers that have to contact with the real world and with the citizens daily ordeals, and in order to survive and thrive as a real alternative to the Neoliberal nightmare we are all living in, they need to return to their original identities as working class parties.


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