Friday 20 March 2020

Suggested readings #4

Over the last two days I have translated into Portuguese two texts by Slavoj Zizek for the website of the Libertária journal. The first one is titled Clear racist element to hysteria over new coronavirus and was written, as we see it, too prematurely (3rd of February) and would be rather outdated if it wasn’t for the detail of having noticed that in Lisbon and neighbouring city Amadora (where I currently reside) the groceries and minimarkets owned by Indian and Chinese immigrants are fully stocked with full shelves while those owned by Portuguese citizens, as well as all supermarkets and hypermarkets, have empty shelves and long lines of people at their doors, so it’s worth a read. 

The second text is a rather realistic analysis of the political battle currently being staged in the United States, although my view is that the current outbreak will most likely result on the postponement of this years presidential elections by Donald trump, all for the good of “national security”. Below is a small taste of the US enters brutal ideological civil war as four-party system begins to take form:

"The US is now transforming itself from a two-party state into a four-party state: there are really four parties that fill in the political space - the establishment Republicans, establishment Democrats, alt-right populists and democratic socialists."


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