Saturday 26 September 2020

IN MEMORIAM: Andre Vltchek, 1963-2020

The Portuguese edition of has published my IN MEMORIAM of Andre Vltchek. To be honest I'm still in denial, over the years I have translated dozens of his essays and I still have many dozens more of articles, essays and interviews to translate, so Andre will still be very much alive for our Portuguese readers at for many months. 

Actually Andre is one of the reasons I have created this English language blog, English being the new Esperanto I always joked with him in our short twitter exchanges that I would one day join him in the global fight and start writing in English, given all the limitations of only writing for a Portuguese audience and this blog was the first step, sadly I never found the time to properly update it. 

He was very prolific, very active, always on the run, he will leave a huge void in all the alternative media outlets that used to publish and interview him. I'm not ashamed to say I dropped more than a few tears while writing his IN MEMORIAM for


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