Tuesday 20 October 2020

Finally joining the global fight

In my short interactions with Andre Vltchek over the last couple of years I always told him that I would one day resume my English language writing and join him in the global fight, English being the new Esperanto and the facto global language of our age, and I think that time is now. 

In 2020 we lost quite a few strong voices on the Left, David Graeber, Kevin Zeese (my fellow comrade at the Hands Off Syria Coalition), Zeev Sternhell, Stephen Cohen, Michael Brooks and John Papworth (who I failed trying to help revive the defunct Fourth World Review). My voice will be but a whimper reviving this blog with my broken English, but I'll finally give it a try.

So far all the alternative media I have worked over the years is only interested in keeping me on as a Portuguese or at most Spanish language contributor, which I understand given they have plenty of native English language writers, so the blog will be my main tool since I have a very peculiar kind of writing (way too personal and intimate by today's standards) it is very unlikely any media will endorse me, but I'll be sending a résumé to New Eastern Outlook, RT, PressTV, teleSUR English and Sputnik as they appear to have a lack of non-Brazilian writers and I'll start a Patreon page so anyone that might enjoy my writing and opinions will kindly aid me in these harsh times.

The good news is that my kind of writing is very much suitable for a personal blog format, where I can let the world know what the hell is actually happening in Portugal, pushing a realistic view on Geopolitics, Democratic Socialism, Left Libertarianism and even share my memoirs - I lived quite a good deal of lives starting as a young Anarchist Punk all the way to becoming a Center-Left member of local government with some really nasty years thrown in the middle, volunteering for Lebanon, traveling to Iran, Russia and Turkey, diplomatic ties with North Korea... I could fill 3 or 4 different biographies.

We had a small vote on my Twitter whether I should use an easier to read pen name on this new venture but the majority of my followers (a bit over 500, not that many) voted against it, with Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey (Pravda.ru) insisting that it would be best just to use my real name and let people deal with it. So, let's do this? 


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