Saturday 9 January 2021

Short note on my health

Sorry for the ghosting, but as I had mentioned here I'm going through some health issues and both the bad news and the heavy use of corticosteroids have left pretty much on a mind state that rendered me unable to write, translate or even function properly some days - I've been on corticosteroids for 11 months now and the mood swings became unmanageable and the other side effects for taking corticosteroids for so long are utterly scary. So, it's not an infection, it's not a tumour, it's TWO tumours luckily with only a 10% probability of being malign, problem is with the pandemic in Portugal the surgery to remove it can be delayed and my current weight being 140kg after spending nearly a year with zero exercise (I used to do one hour 5km walks everyday before the Covid-19 outbreak) anaesthesia will be an increased risk and it will have to be done in a private hospital in February or March, meaning there will be a heavy bill to pay.

The reason I have trouble breathing is due to the extension of the tumour, goes from my upper jaw all the way up near my right eye and has grown into my nose, blocking it, hence my trouble breathing. The tumour on the left side of my jaw is tiny, not sure if the doctor wants to remove both right away or see how it progresses, I have an appointment with him on the 14th to talk those things over. My wife is in panic, we have been living as a couple for 15 years but we never actually got married - only a De Facto Union for tax purposes - so we're getting our affairs in order trying to get marry before the surgery so she has the right to my pension if anything goes wrong and I'm pretty mad for sitting on my life insurance for a year, I got the papers for it in January 2020 but just left it on my desk.

Up to November I was taking 4 puffs of corticosteroids a day, now I'm taking only 2, but it still clouds my mind and, some days, my eyes - as cataracts and glaucoma are side effects of using it for so long. And I'm all swollen up, it's even hard to look at the mirror. Sleeping is an issue, most days I have to sleep sitting on the couch to avoid apnea since when I lay down in bed the tumour and the gooey slime it produces on my sinus blocks my air ways. Everyday I wake up and I'm just grateful I can still see and walk.


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