Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Tiny update on the Azorean elections

So far the Libertarian (Iniciativa Liberal) party said it would not support a right-wing government, taking for granted that the Animalists (PAN - Pessoas, Animais, Natureza) will support the Socialists in the Regional Parliament as they have done in the National parliament, there is a deadlock: 28 MPs for each government option... each side will be wrestling for that IL MP vote very hard this week.

Since the two far-right (CHEGA) MPs until recently were part of other right-wing parties, my sources claim that on the backstage there are negotiations for them to resign from CHEGA and become independent MPs as soon as they assume their seats, evidence of that is that yesterday the Azorean vice-president of CHEGA, Orlando Lima, resigned from his position demonstrating the turmoil within the party.

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